Assessment Process

Assessment and Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

Assessment in The William State Lee College of Engineering is handled by the Individual Course Assessment Process (ICAP) and by the Focus Area Improvement Teams (FAIT).  Every semester through ICAP, faculty members track direct performance measures and make improvements at the course level.  In addition, ICAP results are evaluated by faculty to improve content, delivery, and student learning outcomes in each successive offering of a specific course.  ICAP results are also forwarded to the appropriate FAIT for continuous improvement of course sequences.

Description of Assessment Reports

Assessment reports include a description of the effectiveness measures, information on the scaffolding of learning that takes place prior to assessment, the methodology of assessing the SLO, reflection on the learning process, and any proposed changes to be implemented as a result of the SLO data trends. Each program establishes an acceptable target for student achievement. The results of the assessment act as one source of evidence about student learning.