Prospect for Success (PFS)

Fostering Academic Engagement

The Lee College of Engineering wants students to graduate, in a timely fashion, with a degree that prepares them for a successful, fulfilling and exciting career that offers many opportunities. Freshmen should get involved early and often so that they can succeed academically and professionally. Come learn and grow with us!

Prospect for Success (PFS) is UNC Charlotte’s commitment to helping freshmen become Intentional, Curious, and Aware. Through carefully designed courses, co-curricular experiences, and extra-curricular programs, students develop their commitment to success, inquiry skills and cultural awareness.

In the College of Engineering, PFS is integrated into Introduction to Engineering (ENGR 1201) and Introduction to Engineering Technology (ETGR 1101), the residential Freshman Learning Community (FLC), MAPS (Maximizing Academic and Professional Success), Engage ME!, and academic advising.

Commitment to Success

Successful students are intentional about their goals for college. They commit to developing strategies for achieving them. They use their experiences to refine their approach. They continually expand their toolbox of knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve their goals. They overcome challenges and persevere.


Successful College of Engineering students are naturally curious about the world around them. They are intrigued by problems and are eager to solve them. They want to learn and do. They ask probing questions and know how to find answers. They are not interested in learning just to pass a test. They build a strong foundation for future learning and problem-solving.

Self and Cultural Awareness

Successful engineering professionals are aware of cultural and experiential differences between themselves and others. Our students learn to navigate these differences beginning in their freshman design courses. They learn about themselves and how differences in learning, working, and interacting can benefit them personally and also produce a high-performing team. These experiences provide the foundation for team projects throughout the four-year curriculum.

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