Visions, Principles, Values


Vision and Mission

The William States Lee College of Engineering is the first choice for students, faculty, staff and industry partners discovering, integrating, applying and disseminating knowledge.

The William States Lee College of Engineering provides quality educational experiences, and discovers and disseminates knowledge that serves the citizens and industries of local, national and international communities.

Guiding Principles

The William States Lee College of Engineering strives for excellence in our teaching, research, and service missions in a dynamic interactive campus environment. We leverage the unique contributions of each individual to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all.

Core Values

  •    Diversity in race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, abilities, and disabilities
  •    Equitable and respectful treatment of each person
  •    Open and civil communication and free exchange of ideas
  •    Collaboration and teamwork
  •    Innovation and creativity
  •    Continuous improvement