ENGR/ETGR Introductory Course

Introduction to Engineering (ENGR 1201) and Introduction to Engineering Technology (ETGR 1101)

Whether you're working on a degree in engineering, engineering technology or construction management, you must first complete your introductory course.  In this course you will:

  • Explore the various disciplines within the fields of engineering and engineering technology.
  • Begin to learn what it means to be a "professional".
  • Demonstrate creative problem-solving and design skills by building your solutions and testing them against specifications.
  • Use the power and synergy of teams to accomplish challenging goals and objectives.
  • Effectively communicate your thoughts and sell your ideas to others - both in writing and orally.
  • Develop strategies for personal, academic and professional growth and success.

Students currently enrolled in ENGR 1201 or ETGR 1101 can access the course content by logging into Canvas.

Engineering majors who place into Calculus I or a higher-level math course will enroll in ENGR 1201 in their first semester. Engineering Technology and Construction Management majors who place into College Algebra or a higher-level math course will enroll in ETGR 1101 in their first semester. For more information about math placement see /prospective-students/new-freshman-students/math-placement

Non-engineering majors cannot enroll in ENGR 1201 (Introduction to Engineering I) or ETGR 1101 (Introduction to Engineering Technology) during the fall semester but may enroll during the spring or summer if seats are available. Students advised in the University College must contact their advisor to request a seat in ENGR 1201 or ETGR 1101. Students advised in other departments should contact coe-advising@uncc.edu to request an authorization for the course.