Summer Classes at Other Schools

With approval, students may complete summer coursework at other two- and four-year institutions.

[NOTE: Students are not permitted to take courses at another institution in the Fall or Spring semester without prior permission from the Associate Dean or Assistant Dean in the College of Engineering ]


Students must complete the following steps to gain approval and credit:

  • Research: Not every institution offers courses equivalent to those required at UNC Charlotte. Therefore, students need to contact the school(s) they plan to attend to see if an equivalent course is taught and offered during the summer. The Undergraduate Admission Transfer Credit Advisor website can identify North Carolina community college equivalencies. Students who wish to take classes at out-of-state two-year colleges or any four-year institution must have the equivalency approved by the appropriate department at UNC Charlotte. For example, if a student wishes to take Chemistry out of state, s/he must contact the UNC Charlotte Department of Chemistry to determine if the out-of-state school's chemistry course is equivalent to CHEM 1251.
  • Complete transient study form: Students must submit a transient study form BEFORE beginning a summer class at another institution. Failure to complete this step makes a student ineligible to receive academic credit. Students who are advised by an academic advisor in the Office of Student Development and Success (first-year advisors) must have the form signed by the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Experiences (located in Smith 228) before it becomes official. Students advised by a departmental advisor must have the form signed by the Chair of the student's major and the Senior Associate Dean within the College of Engineering before it becomes official. The form serves as a contract between the student and the university, promising credit will be granted for approved classes. A transient study form does not become official until a student has it signed by the appropriate College of Engineering officials.
  • Send transcript to UNC Charlotte: Once a student completes coursework at another institution, s/he must have the transcript sent to the University Registrar at 9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28223.
Other facts about summer classes taken at other institutions:
Students transfer credit to the university, not grades. This means if a student earns an A at another school, it will not be used to calculate their UNC Charlotte GPA.
  • Only grades of C or better transfer to UNC Charlotte.
  • Students cannot use more than 64 transfer credits toward their degrees at UNC Charlotte.
  • If a student earns a D in a course at UNC Charlotte and wishes to retake it over the summer at another institution, see your academic advisor for information on this special case.