Human Resources


  1. COE Reassignment of Duties Program
  • Learning and Development

  1. 49er Connect On-Line Training Modules
  2. BSS Meetings
  3. Grants & Contracts
  4. Human Resource Course Registration and Catalog
  5. Skillport
  • New Employee

  1. First Day of Employment in COE
  2. HR New Employee Checklist
  3. I-9 Form
  4. Federal Form W-4 Withholding
  5. North Carolina Form NC-4 Withholding
  6. Patent Agreement
  7. Pre-Employment Agreement Regarding Overtime
  1. This guidance applies to employees who work PRIMARILY or EXCLUSIVELY from a remote location off campus that is neither owned nor leased by the University, such as the employee’s personal residence.

  2. Employees would only need to fill out these forms if they are working from home on a regular schedule or more frequently like a couple of days a week. Click HERE for COEN Work from Home Policy. 

  1. Notice of Termination Form
  2. Employee Exit Clearance Form