Summer Research Opportunities

What is SERVE?

Shaping Experiential Research for Veteran Education (SERVE) is a summer research program run jointly by the University of  Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK) and UNCC, which is designed to give veteran undergraduate students experience in STEM research topics that are of high interest to the US Navy.


Through SERVE, veteran students learn more about the different topics of research that are being looked at the military. Doing this research will give veteran students a chance to serve their country while conducting research that will also help them grow as students. Having this research experience will also give veteran students valuable insight into potentially enrolling into graduate research programs in the future at UTK or UNCC. 

Who can SERVE?

  • Current undergraduate students (including incoming first-year or transfer students)
  • Recently or near-seperated service members
  • Seperated service members with undergraduate degrees in a STEM field
  • Active-duty service members with education benefits
  • Active-duty officers seeking to continue their education and promotion through graduate degrees (both master's and doctoral)
  • Veterans who already have an undergraduate degree in a STEM field and are working in industry will be actively sought through our industy parternships. These individuals will be paired directly with faculty working on defense-related projects in their area of interest. 

List of Projects


Students interested are asked to reach us at for more information.