UNC Charlotte’s Helping Hand Project delivers hope through 3D prosthetics

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Senior Aidan Restelli is majoring in mechanical engineering with early entry to the master’s in mechanical engineering with a focus in bioengineering.

Students at UNC Charlotte are applying 3D printing technology through the Helping Hand Project to create personalized prosthetic hands for children with limb differences. These prosthetics are distributed to children in need through statewide organizations to help improve their quality of life.

The Helping Hand Project at UNC Charlotte operates as an independent branch of the organization, and they work on cases that are set up by the main body of the non-profit. 

“These devices are aimed at providing aid to functionality, a sense of normalcy, and they are custom-made for the child specifically,” said Aidan Restelli, the president of the Helping Hand Project at Charlotte. “Our goal is also to connect children and families with limb differences with family events to help create a support network. Our independence as an organization allows us to work directly with the families and operate within the overarching organization’s vision.”