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Joe Dalton

“It can’t be done” isn’t in the Niner Engineer playbook

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Sarah Stellwagen, assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences within the College of Science, had an issue. The microscopic spiderwebs she researches are best studied in their native environment—or at least under the right conditions, which include temperature and humidity. But it wasn’t easy to get accurate readings with her microscope in the lab, whose temperature is often stuck at around 70°F with humidity that can fluctuate dramatically depending on the weather.

UNC Charlotte paves the (run)way for innovations in the aviation sector

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UNC Charlotte’s William States Lee College of Engineering, in conjunction with Charlotte Douglas International Airport, has established a one-of-a-kind partnership, the Charlotte Aviation Innovation and Research Institute, or Charlotte AIR. This new research institute is designed to explore solutions for the aviation sector and airport infrastructure industry through innovation and workforce development.

Engineering Faculty Lead Early Career Research with NSF CAREER Awards

The William States Lee College of Engineering is leading critical investigations with key research faculty at an increasing rate, as demonstrated by a 25+ percent increase in research funding in the past year ($13,660,952 in 2021-2022 to $17.8M in 2022-2023). Likewise, UNC Charlotte overall is continuing to demonstrate innovation leadership and growth, being ranked fourth in the nation for patents per research dollar.

Scholarship memorializing metrology legend, DMSC co-founder Bailey Squier, created for UNC Charlotte students

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With the passing of Bailey Squier, co-founder of Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC), its Board of Directors contemplated ways to ensure his accomplishments and legacy are not forgotten. As a symbol of gratitude and admiration for the life and legacy of Mr. Squier, the DMSC Board established the Bailey H. Squier DMSC Metrology Memorial Scholarship.

Ushering in a ‘Smart’ Future Responsibly

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Hamed Tabkhi, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, is working with community stakeholders and researchers from the criminal justice and criminology, electrical and computer engineering, and civil and environmental engineering departments and the Center for Applied Geographic Information Science, to “co-create and co-design” solutions to public safety with AI.

Charlotte Awarded Tech Strategy Development Grant From U.S. Economic Development Administration

UNC Charlotte has been awarded a Strategy Development Grant of $500,000 from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration.

Inaugural Electric Vehicle Racing Safety Conference draws international attendees to Charlotte

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On October 18, electric vehicle leaders gathered at Charlotte Motor Speedway for the inaugural EVRSafe (Electric Vehicle Racing Safety) Conference. UNC Charlotte, along with the Stand 21 Safety Foundation and Charlotte Motor Speedway, took an industry-leading step to address EV racing safety concerns by bringing together experts who provided facts and dispelled the many myths about EVs.

Partnering with The Hollingsworth Foundation to Fight SCA-7

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UNC Charlotte Leadership Academy participants have joined forces with The Hollingsworth Foundation to promote awareness of SCA-7, a rare neurodegenerative disorder. With less than 1500 people diagnosed with SCA-7 in the United States, and less than 2% of all SCA cases, little is known about the disorder, and even less is being done to create […]

Building the blueprint for clean energy materials

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Qiang Zhu, associate professor of mechanical engineering, leverages informatics, computational research and modeling to advance the understanding of organic materials, directly leading to greater ability to generate clean energy. Zhu earned both an NSF CAREER Award and a Department of Energy Early Career Award which are furthering his studies at William States Lee College of Engineering.

Wu Receives 2022-2023 Graduate School Award

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Dr. Jy Wu, Infrastructure and Environmental Systems, was selected to receive the Thomas L. Reynolds Leadership Award for 2022-23. The most recent Graduate Program Excellence Award recipients, originally announced in May, were honored Sept. 20 in a reception held in the Student Union Art Gallery.