Financial Services

Admin Forum and Admin Chat Room List-Serv

  1. Admin Forum Presentation



  1. Request for Banner Finance/49er Mart Access
  2. 49er Mart Training through Canvas
  3. Vendor Information Form FAX Vendor form to 687-1463, DO NOT EMAIL
  4. Email invoice (s) to Accounts Payable
  5. General Questions and/or Payment Inquiries for Accounts Payable
  6. Business Cards, Letterhead, and Envelopes - Wallace Printing punchout 49erMart
  7. COE Receiving Log


Banner Finance

  1. Banner Login
  2. Banner Finance Training through Canvas
  3. Banner ePrint login, Financial Reports
  4. Banner ePrint User Guide
  5. ePrint Reconciliation
  6. Quick Reference Card
  7. Request for Banner Finance/49er Mart Access
  8. Banner Request for Position Control Access


Budget and General Accounting

  1. 2014-2015 Department Operating Budget Template
  2. 2013-2014 Start-up Template
  3. I-Flex and Lapsed Salary Instructions and Template
  4. BD606 Budget Revision State Funds
  5. BD607 Budget Flexibility Revision
  6. Expense Account Codes & Descriptions
  7. Journal Voucher - Financial Transaction Request 
  8. Tax Office
  9. Wire Transfers


DPR Direct Pay Request

  1. Food, Beverage and Amenity Expense Documentation
  2. Independent Contractor/Employee Checklist
  3. Missing Original Receipts Affidavit
  4. Non-Resident Scholarship
  5. Prepayments
  6. Vendor Information Form FAX Vendor form to 687-1450, DO NOT EMAIL
  7. Receipt Page


Fiscal Year End

  1. Disbursement Cutoff Dates TBD


Petty Cash

  1. Petty Cash Log
  2. Petty Cash Reimbursement
  3. Petty Cash Fund Request Form
  4. Petty Cash/Change Fund Change of Custodian Form



  1. Purchasing Card Application & Agreement 
  2. One Hour Training class is required
  3. Purchasing Card Manual
  4. Purchasing Card Procedures
  5. Allowable and NonAllowable Expenses
  6. Bank of America Works

*Note:  Jane Stewart approves State funds and COE Grants & Contracts Office approves Grant funds.


Phone Bill

  1. Phone Bill Processing Presentation 2016
  2. Procedure for Processing Monthly Statements
  3. Deposit form for cash or checks


Promotional Purchasing


  1. Purchasing Manual
  2. Purchases over $5000, Contact Purchasing Agent
  3. Waiver of Competition Justification
  4. Vendor Information Form FAX Vendor form 687-1463, DO NOT EMAIL
  5. COE Receiving Log


Receiving and Stores

  1. NEW NAME TAGS White Square w/green print and gold background Use these instructions, however you must log in to "my account" click on design search, then type in 49er. The UNC Charlotte templates will be available.
  2. Name Tags - 49erMart OLD NAMETAGS Gold Oval
  3. Gas Orders - 49erMart
  4. Paper & Office Supplies - 49erMart
  5. UPS Account Setup - Contact Larry Barfield


Travel & Complex Payments

  1. COE Travel Policy & Procedure
  2. Field Trip Information
  3. Meal per diem, TA, TR, & North Carolina Budget Manual, Section 5, page 119
  4. Mileage & Parking Reimbursement
  5. Missing Original Receipts Affidavit
  6. Travel Authorization for Employee
  7. Travel Authorization for Non-Employee
  8. Travel Non-Hotel Lodging Authorization Form
  9. Travel Reimbursement Form
  10. Department Chair's & Center Director's TA & TR submit to Jennifer Eklund, COE Dean's office.
  11. Grant funded TA & TR's submit to COE Grants & Contracts Office.
  12. Receipt Page
  13. International travel Information & Compliance with university owned devices
  14. Export Control Checklist
  15. Advisory for traveling overseas with university owned electronic devices
  16. Travel Tips
  17. Using a Rental Car for Business Travel & How to Pay for Rental Car - Enterprise



  1. Submit a Student Educational Award
  2. (SEA) Training Resources
  3. The Student Educational Awards Report

*FAX numbers for Travel & Complex Payments and PCard is 687-1450 and Accounts Payable is 704-687-1463