CESO - Staff Organization

2021 CESO Officers                                   

Eric Huhn, CESO Chair and Vice Chair  ejhuhn@uncc.edu Facility and Laboratory Safety Engineer
Jennifer Carlson, Secretary jeklund3@uncc.edu Executive Assistant to the Dean 

A Message from the CESO Chair
Greetings! Welcome to the CESO - Dean Keynton's suggestion has quickly become a reality, and we have our own College of Engineering Staff Organization.
I'm both proud and delighted to be leading this endeavor alongside Eric Huhn and Jennifer Carlson. We hope to establish the framework for a lasting and vibrant organization. Every single staff member of the College of Engineering is an important part of this organization, and I'm excited to see what happens through the rest of 2021.
The CESO is an opportunity for our staff to network and connect socially, recognize outstanding work and achievements, leverage professional development opportunities, and connect with the broader campus and local communities.
Look for more content on our webpage soon and wish everyone a great end to the spring semester!
- Tracy Beauregard, CESO Chair 2021

Meeting information               

Next meeting will be early in the Spring '23 semester. Keep an eye out for more information.


CESO Constitution and Bylaws