Strategic Programs Accreditation Resource Team (SPART)

The College of Engineering is actively engaged in a continuous improvement process of planning, measurement, evaluation, and feedback. This work is aided by the College’s Strategic Programs Accreditation Resource Team (SPART), which is comprised of a faculty member from each department. Additional support is provided by faculty associates, who assist with collecting data and summarizing, reporting, and interpreting results.

SPART members work with faculty within their respective department to determine assessment needs, identify specific measures, develop assessment tools, review and interpret results, and then implement improvement strategies. SPART also provides the infrastructure necessary for an effective continuous improvement process. This includes tools, databases, and planning and assessment expertise that are available to the College and departments. SPART disseminates results at the Assessment and Improvement Meeting (AIM) held each fall, spring, and summer.

SPART survey and other assessment data are available in the osds-spart shared folder located at M:\org\osds-spart or \mosaic.uncc.edudfsorgosds-spart on Mosaic windows workstations. In addition, Institutional Research has a Data Analytics website for enrollment, graduation, and retention within the University. College of Engineering statistics are available in the SPART shared folder.