February 10, 2003

CEFO Minutes 
(B. Sherlock, Secretary)


Monday, February 10, 2003 @ 12:30 PM
Cameron Applied Research Center, Room 101

CEFO President Jack Carter opened the meeting at 12:37 PM. The following individuals signed the attendance sheet:

  • COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING: R. Johnson, C. Blat, K. Elmore, S. Myers, P. Tolley.
  • CIVIL ENGINEERING: J. Anderson, D. Bayer, J. Daniels, I. Gergely, J. Graham, M. Kane, V. Ogunro.
  • ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING: K. Daneshvar, M. Hasan,  I. Howitt, Y. Kakad, R. Makki, A. Nasipuri, H. Phillips, E. Stokes, F. Tranjan.
  • ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY: F. Ahmad, A. Barry, E. Braun, N. Byars, J. Carter, B. Gehrig, C. James, J. Kimble, S. Kuyath, D.Liou, C. Mobley, D. Murphy, C. Orozco, T. Owen, R. Priebe, D. Ramers, D. Sharer, B. Sherlock, S. Wang, G. Watkins.
  • MECHANICAL ENGR & ENGR SCIENCE: H. Cherukuri, J. Cuttino, Y Hari,  J. Hill, C. Lee, E. Morse, S. Patterson, J. Raja, J. Raquet, M. Rodgers.
  • GUESTS: .

Total documented attendance: 52.

Note that, in addition to distribution, the archive of CEFO minutes is maintained on the world wide web at http://www.coe.uncc.edu/~jcarter/cefo

I. Approval of Minutes

  • The minutes from the CEFO meeting of September 24, 2002 were approved as distributed.

II. Engineering Technology Proposal to Offer Lower Division Courses, A. Brizendine. 

  • Tony Brizendine gave a presentation outlining the ET Department's proposal to offer lower-division courses.

III. College Progression Requirements, D. Bayer. 

  • Dr. Bayer presented the proposed new COE Requirements for Continued Enrollment. A motion to accept the new requirements as presented was seconded and passed.  To see the approved document, click here. . The intention is for this to become effective for the coming Fall semester.

IV. Dean's Report, Bob Johnson.

  • A moment of silence was observed in memory of Prof. Bill Shelnutt.
  • There are over 40 candidates for the post of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  This has been narrowed down to a pool of 10. We are looking at 4 to be invited to the campus in late February or early March.
  • The Infrastructure and Environmental Systems Ph.D. should make the deadline for Spring.
  • Sen. Edwards was here on Friday. There is strong momentum behind a push for a regional center for homeland security to be set up at UNC-Charlotte.
  • We have requested two SPA positions: Instrument maker, and Applications Programmer.
  • A welcome was extended to Courtney James, new faculty member in Engineering Technology.

VII. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 1:42 p.m.

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