February 3, 2000

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CEFO Minutes (B. Sherlock, Secretary)


COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FACULTY ORGANIZATION Thursday, February 3, 2000 @ 12:30 PM Cameron Applied Research Center, Room 101

CEFO President Kakad opened the meeting at 12:33. The following individuals signed the attendance sheet: COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING: R. Johnson, C. Blat, M. Hermann, P. Tolley, S.Myers, J. Cochran. CAMERON A.R.C.: H. Leamy. COMPUTING & ENGINEERING LABS: C. Price. COMPUTER SCIENCE: M. Allen, K. Chen, R. Lejk, Z. Michalewicz, T. Mostafavi, Z. Ras, H. Razavi, W. Tolone, B. Wilkinson. CIVIL ENGINEERING: D. Bayer, J. Bowen, I. Gergely, J. Graham, H. Hilger, R. Janardhanam, M. Kane, A. Stadler. ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING: S. Bobbio, R. Coleman, T. Dahlberg, K. Daneshvar, Y. Kakad, V. Lukic, M. Miri, H. Phillips, F. Tranjan, T. Weldon. ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY: F. Ahmad, N. Byars, J. Chaffin, I. Jones, D. Liou, C. Liu, J. Patten, R. Priebe, W. Shelnutt, B. Sherlock, S. Wang. MECHANICAL ENGR & ENGR SCIENCE: A. Brown, H. Cherukuri,R. Dubler, R. Kim, G. Mohanty, E. Morse, E. Munday, J. Raja, Scott Smith, R. Wilhelm. GUESTS: M. Clements, Biology.
Total documented attendance: 55 (43 voting members.) Quorum=38.

I. Previous Meeting Minutes. The minutes of the October 19, 1999 meeting were approved as distributed.

II. Report of the Interim Dean.

Our search for a Duke Professor in Environmental Engineering is of high priority. SACS accreditation has changed; it now looks a lot more like ABET. It is important to do a careful job of assessment of learning outcomes. Our draft report is due to SACS next Fall. The strategic planning process has started again. The College’s draft documents are due in Spring: (1) what we have already completed in the prior strategic plan, and (2) the dean’s document on new initiatives, new programs, new directions the College intends to take during the next five years. Science and Technology Building: It is possible that this could be completed within three years if the new fee schedule is approved. It will house Information Technology, Biology, and Electrical & Computer Engineering. We have two new programs: the Fire Safety Engineering Technology Program, and the Masters program in Engineering Management. Due to the departure of Computer Science, a third of our students will be leaving. We therefore need to think about growth.

III. Report of Search Committee for Dean, M. Clemens.
There were some personnel turnovers at the executive search firm that have delayed things substantially. The committee finally got the list of people just before Christmas break. Last week, ten candidates were interviewed off-site (at the airport), and the list has now narrowed it down to five potential candidates. After a little more narrowing down, the names of the finalists will be announced and on-site interviews set up. The executive search firm was effective in producing a quick turnaround in getting the candidates to Charlotte. Eight of the ten came within two days; the other two were interviewed by telephone. The projection is for the on-site interviews to be complete before Spring Break. Departments are encouraged to meet to discuss the candidates as soon as possible after the last on-site interview. Faculty are strongly encouraged to attend the open meetings, to inform themselves on the background of the candidates, and to give their input. Dr. Clemens concluded by thanking the search committee for their commitment, and expressing his optimism at the solid pool of candidates that we now have.

IV. Introduction of new faculty and staff

Jim Bowen, transferred from Engineering Technology.

V. Special Announcement.
The Office of Legal Affairs has been working with UNC-Charlotte alumnus Steve Gargder, patent attorney. He will be giving a seminar on patents to interested faculty on Tues Feb 15th. Penny Bovender has further information.

VI. Promotion and Tenure Document.
The revisions to the promotion and tenure document which were voted on by written ballot were approved. The list of amendments was attached to the agenda for today’s meeting.

VII. Report on gifts to the University, H. Leamy.
Dr. Leamy read from a letter on this topic that he received from the Provost. The process for accepting gifts is in good shape, but the problem is that few people know about it. It is necessary to obtain the signature of the department chairperson on the correct form. This form is part of UNC Policy #28, which is on the Web.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:10 P.M.

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