February 5, 2002

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CEFO Minutes
(B. Sherlock, Secretary)


COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FACULTY ORGANIZATION Tuesday, February 5, 2002 @ 12:30 PM Cameron Applied Research Center, Room 101

CEFO President Ed Braun opened the meeting at 12:35 PM. The following individuals signed the attendance sheet:

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING: R. Johnson, C. Blat, S. Myers, P. Tolley.
CAMERON A.R.C.: H. Leamy.
CIVIL ENGINEERING: D. Bayer, J. Bowen, J. Daniels, I. Gergely, J. Graham, H. Hilger, M. Kane, V. Ogunro.
ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING: R. Coleman, K. Daneshvar, M. Hasan, J. Hudak, Y. Kakad, M. Miri, F. Tranjan, T. Weldon.
ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY: F. Ahmad, E. Braun, N. Byars, J. Carter, M. Janssens, J. Kimble, S. Kuyath, C. Liu, D. Murphy, C. Orozco, J. Patten, D. Sharer, B. Sherlock, S. Wang.
MECHANICAL ENGR & ENGR SCIENCE: H. Cherukuri, R. Coger, J. Cuttino, M. Davies, Y Hari, J. Hill, R. Hocken, K. Lawton, G. Micklow, G. Mohanty, E. Munday, S. Patterson, J. Raja, Scott Smith, Stuart Smith, G. Teng, R. Wilhelm.

Total documented attendance: 53.

Note that, in addition to distribution, the archive of CEFO minutes is maintained on the world wide web at http://www.coe.uncc.edu/~jcarter/cefo.

I. Literature Searches

Barry Sherlock made a presentation concerning the use of electronic databases for literature searches. Access to DIALOG database has been restricted because of the danger of running up huge charges for searching, and also because almost everything available on DIALOG can be obtained free of charge from other sources. Recommended as comprehensive sources for journal and conference papers are Compendex (user friendly) and Science Citation Index (less friendly). Recommended for books is WorldCat. Access to all of these may be obtained as follows: go to the College web page (www.coe.uncc.edu), click on either “faculty and staff” or “research”, then click on “Literature searches”.

II. Dean’s Report, Bob Johnson.
ASME Certificate: Dean Johnson presented a certificate to Prof Bob Hocken in token of ASME’s recognition of 25 years work on standards committees.

Major Grants Program: The timing of the Major Grants Program of the College has been changed to better conform with the academic year. Beginning next year, the submission date will be April 1, and funding will begin July 1.

SACS Visit: The SACS visit is Monday Feb 11 to Thursday Feb 14. Stephen Melsheimer, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, College of Engineering and Science, Clemson University, will be in the College of Engineering February 12-13. He will meet with Chairs, some faculty, and some students. The focus is on “institutional effectiveness”. The College should be in good shape regarding the continuous improvement process.

Continuous Improvement (aka Operation ABET): The Dean invited faculty to expand the acronyms listed below, presenting an award (sweatshirt) to Jim Bowen:

ICAP (Individual Course Assessment Process)

FAIT (Focus Area Improvement Teams)

CAC (College Administrative Committee)

AIM (Assessment and Improvement Meeting)

SPART ( Strategic Planning and Assessment Resource Team)

III. General Education, Ed Braun.
Mr. Braun stated that FAPSC has insisted that Foreign Language is an admission requirement. Therefore students in the COE need not take FL courses unless the faculty decide that this is needed.

IV. New Faculty and Staff.
Dean Johnson welcomed Matt Davies to the Mechanical Engineering Department.

V. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 1:07 p.m.

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