January 23, 2001

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CEFO Minutes

(B. Sherlock, Secretary)


COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FACULTY ORGANIZATION Tuesday, January 23, 2001 @ 12:30 PM Cameron Applied Research Center, Room 101

CEFO President Jack Carter opened the meeting at 12:43. The following individuals signed the attendance sheet:

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING: R. Johnson, C. Blat, E. Kreusch, S.Myers, P. Tolley.
CAMERON A.R.C.: H. Leamy.
CIVIL ENGINEERING: D. Bayer, J. Bowen, J. Daniels, I. Gergely, J. Graham H. Inyang, M. Kane, V. Ogunro, A. Stadler, D. Young.
ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING: S. Bobbio, K. Daneshvar,M. Hasan, J. Hudak, Y. Kakad, V. Lukic, M. Miri, A. Nasipuri, H. Phillips, F. Tranjan, R. Tsu.
ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY: F. Ahmad, A. Barry, E.Braun, J. Carter, I. Jones, J. Kimble, D. Liou, C. Mobley, T. Owen, J. Patten, R. Priebe, B. Sherlock.
MECHANICAL ENGR & ENGR SCIENCE: R. Coger, J. Cuttino, Y. Hari, J. Hill, C. Lee, J. Miller, G. Mohanty, E. Morse, E. Munday, K. Lawton, S. Patterson, J. Raja, G. Teng.

Total documented attendance: 54 (43 voting members.) Quorum=33.

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I. Introduction of new faculty and staff

Asis Nasipuri, Assistant Professor.


Beth Kreusch, Faculty Associate for Experiential Learning.

II. Approval of Minutes The minutes of the October 17, 2000 meeting were approved as distributed.

III. Committee Reports

Faculty Advisory Library Committee: Joanne Klein has been appointed Reference Librarian for Engineering and Information Technology. She is located in office 110B behind the reference desk, and is on telephone extension 3232. Task Committee on General Education: We will be getting information on new requirements for general education. There will probably be four courses called general education, and this may reduce the choice in humanities and social sciences in our programs. Faculty Academic Standards and Policy Committee: (1) There is a possibility that the revised general education requirements will be available for review by the last part of this semester. (2) Dr. Goolkasian is chairing a committee to reword two of the University wide questions used in the student course evaluations. “Overall, this instructor in among the best I have taken” may be replaced by “Overall, this instructor was effective” or “The instructor was a good instructor in this course”. “Overall, this course is among the best I have taken” may be replaced by “”Overall, I learned a lot in this course” or “This was a good course”. Faculty Course and Curriculum Committee: The committee approved the Fire Safety Program. Graduate Council: Associate Dean Tom Reynolds is taking over from Dean Mundt, who is ill. The Council approved a graduate course in Biotechnology and courses in Engineering Management, and several courses in other Colleges. Faculty Executive Committee: Nomination forms for University-wide Committee Chairs and Faculty President will bemade available soon. College Equipment Committee: This committee is looking at equipping electrical and computer laboratories. Purchase Orders should be ready by the end of the month. Four engineering laboratories will be equipped, and Agilent will be the supplier. College Competitive Grants Committee: The Junior Faculty Enhancement Awards of the Oakridge affiliated universities provide $5,000 awards (with $5,000 matching from UNC-Charlotte) for faculty within two years of their appointment. It is expected that Engineering faculty would fare quite well. Faculty Emplyment Status Committee: The Committee is continuously looking at the results of the tenured faculty review throughout the campus. Intellectual Property Committee: The committee looked at the ownership of materials developed by Faculty. The initial focus was on Web-based distance learning materials but this has expanded. The effective outcome is that the University must tell a faculty member in advance if it intends to claim ownership, otherwise the faculty member will have ownership.

IV. Department Chair Reports.

Electrical and Computer Engineering: Graduate and undergraduate enrollment has grown significantly. The Department has 17 faculty and is recruiting two more (Communications and Opto/Microelectronics). Civil Engineering: The presentation gave a brief introduction to each of the Civil Engineering Faculty members. Mechanical Engineering: The Department has 22 faculty. There are three major research areas: (1) Thermal/Bioengineering, (2) Precision Engineering/Manufacturing, and (3) Computational Modelling and Analysis. Undergraduate programs include Motorsports Engineering, Computer Aided Engineering (planned), and BSME with technical electives. The Department is currently recruiting a faculty member in motorsports engineering. The department is restructuring the Danielson Scholarships to meet its needs.

V. Approval of posthumous degree A motion to waive all remaining academic requirements for deceased student Shannon Peeler in order that he may be awarded his degree posthumously was approved by a show of hands.

VI. Report of the Dean

Dean Johnson welcomed the new faculty members to the college. NC State Budget The state budget is about $14 billion and the state has a shortfall of $486 million. The state will have to address this this year, but it is unlikely that there will be a great impact on existing faculty. However, it will likely turn out to be a lean year in terms of new positions. The bond referendum was passed. This will lead to seven new buildings on campus. There will be $190 million for new buildings on the UNCC campus, which equates to 944,000 square feet added to the current 1.2 million square feet on campus. The Graduate Engineering Complex and Research Facility/Laboratory will be combined into a single building, which has been given a higher priority. The combined building will be 77,000 square feet and cost $23.1 million. The Classroom and Office building ($26.1 million) will be located next to the city campus, near to the abovementioned combined building. In order that existing facilities in CARC/Smith be used as designed/intended, the Dean is promoting the following: (1) The ET department might occupy a large portion of the Smith building, (2) Bay areas of CARC might best suit Civil and Environmental Engineering, (3) Systems Engineering Department might use the space currently used by the IT college. The Dean does not envision much sharing of laboratory space between ET and other departments. It is expected that ECE will move to the Science and Technology building two years from now. The College will become more physically strung out in exchange for having more space. Long term, the “center of gravity” will move southwards. Dormant courses The catalog shows Liberal Engineering Studies (LEGR) courses that were last taught approximately 25 years ago. These courses should be eliminated. The Dean will look into placing the proposal on the consent calendar.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:55 P.M.

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