September 7, 2006

CEFO Minutes

  • D. Binkley, President
  • Stuart Smith, President Elect
  • J. Bowen, Secretary
  • B. Sherlock, Parliamentarian


Thursday, September 7, 2006, 12:30 PM
Cameron Applied Research Center , Room 101

Regular Meeting

The following individuals signed the attendance sheet:

  • COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING: R. Johnson, R. Smelser, K. Elmore, M. Hermann, T. Rufty, D. Furr, D. Black, M. Castle
  • OFFICE of STUDENT DEVELOPMENT & SUCCESS: P. Tolley, D. Blackmon, C. Blat, J. Braganza, K. Franco, C. McDaniel, L. Thurman
  • CIVIL ENGINEERING:  J. Amburgey, J. Anderson, J. Bowen, D. Boyajian, J. Daniels, J. Gergely, J. Graham, H. Hilger, R. Janardhanam, M. Kane, V. Ogunro, S. Pulugurtha, K. Warren, D. Weggel, J. Wu, D. Young
  • ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING:  D. Binkley, L. Casperson, J. Conrad, R. Cox, K. Daneshvar, I. Howitt, J. Hudak, M. Miri, R. Sass, L. Sheppard, T. Weldon, A. Willis, J. Xie, S. Mahaffey, Pat Winter
  • ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY:  A. Brizendine, N. Byars, D. Cottrell, B. Gehrig, C. James, J. Kimble, S. Kuyath, D. Liou, S. Mitchum, D. Murphy, T. Nicholas, R. Priebe, D. Sharer, B. Sherlock, S. Wang, G. Watkins, D. Hoch, L.P. Kabengela, T. Cavalline, N. Bousaba, C. Whitehead, W. Meier
  • MECHANICAL ENGR & ENGR SCIENCE:  J. Cuttino, Y. Hari, J. Hill, C. Lee, J. Raja, J. Raquet, L. Sharp, Y. Sireli, Q. Wei, W. Turner, C. Lim, E. Ozelkan, M. Ortiz, L Lawson

Documented attendance: 83 total
Documented attendance of voting faculty:53/85
Total Voting Faculty: 85
Quorum of voting faculty: 43


1. Call to order and welcome

  • 12:37 PM - CEFO president D. Binkley called the meeting to order and welcomed all those in attendance.

2. Approval of past minutes

  • Minutes of the 3/2/06 meeting were accepted without revision.

3. Announcement of tenure and promotion by the dean

  • Dean Johnson announced that two college faculty had been promoted to full Professor.
    • S. Gary Teng, MEES Dept. 
    • Sheng-Guo Wang (promoted in 2005), ET Dept.
  • Dean Johnson also announced that four College faculty had been awarded tenure.
    • Matthew Davies, MEES Dept.
    • Ivan Howitt, ECE Dept.
    • Asis Nasipuri, ECE Dept.
    • Edward Stokes, ECE Dept.

4. Introduction of new faculty and staff members by the chairs

  • Department chairs and office leaders announced the following additions to each unit.
  • Engineering Management
    • Churlzu Lim, Assistant Professor
  • Engineering Technology
    • Tara Cavaline, Lccturer
    • Daniel Hoch, Lecturer/Faculty Associate
    • Lubambala Kabengela, Lecturer/Faculty Associate
    • Samuel Mitchum, Lecturer/Faculty Associate
    • Thomas Nicholas II, Lecturer /Faculty Associate
  • Electical and Computer Engineering
    • Robert Cox, Assistant Professor
    • Ronald Sass, Associate Professor
  • Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science
    • Hongbing Fang, Assistant Professor
    • Larry Sharpe, Lecturer
    • Winter Turner, Business Services Specialist
    • Lydia Lawson, Business Services Specialist
  • Motorsports
    • Marion Canter, Administrative Services Specialist
    • Office of Student Development and Success
    • Jennifer Braganza, Faculty Associate for Freshman Engineering, MAPS Program Director
    • Christoper McDaniel, Faculty Associate for Freshman Engineering and Advising
  • College of Engineeering
    • Debbie Black, Post-Award Administrator
  • Engineering Computing Services
    • Jason Edgecombe, Systems Programmer

5. Dean's report

  • Dean Johnson offered the following infromation to College faculty and staff.
  • Final accreditation report was received from ABET for the the ET Dept. Accreditation was extended for 6 years.
  • OSDS won provost award for teaching.
  • College continues to grow. Currently have 2446 students, a 7.3 percent increase from the the previous year.
  • Senior staff of College will examine possibilities of instituting growth control.
  • Resarch awards doubled from the previous year to $9.8 million.
  • COE produced 1/3rd of doctoral degrees and halp of PhD's this past year.
  • US News and World Report rankings have MEES at #71 and ECE at #77 in graduate category.
  • Recent survey results show 88% of employers consider our grads to be an asset to their organization.
  • Recent survey results show 77% of students would recommend College to prospective students.
  • Budget situation is improved as the University received the 2d installment of reclassification funds and was fully funded for enrollment growth.
  • Continuing budgets have been allocated to departments.
  • Freshman Living Center (FLC) now has 200 sutdents and occupies all of Hawthorne Hall. FLC retains 93% of freshman, compared to 50% overall.
  • Jim Brewer has been very successful in raising scholarship money for students ($600K by Brewer, $800K overall, $1000K goal for upcoming year).
  • The two new College buildings on 29 will be dedicated on 9/8 @ 4:30 PM.
  • College will propose a new department of Systems Engineering.
  • College teaching award reception is 9/27 in Prospector.
  • Energy industry leaders will visit campus on 10/12 to discuss establishing a center.
  • Dean Johnson expects Smith and CARC will get renovation work done this year. Physcial plant considers it a priority.

6. Other items of interest to faculty

  • Linda Thurman described the 10/12 technical presentations by three CEO's of energy companies and announced that the Engineering picnic would be on Friday 10/13 on Hayes field.

7. Adjournment

  • A motion was offered and seconded to adjourn the meeting. Adjourment took place at 1:37 PM.


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