Supply Chain Game

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“One of the approaches we take in our classes is active learning,” said Dr. Ertunga Ozelkan, assistant professor of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management. “These system simulations can be computer-based or manually played in a classroom environment. This particular manual systems game models a supply chain including suppliers, manufacturers, transporter and customers.

“This game was developed by TimeWise Management Systems and has been applied by many leading educational institutions to analyze the complexities in supply networks and to illustrate how lean system design techniques can help improve the overall system performance. UNC Charlotte got the game through a National Science Foundation Grant (that was granted to Worcester Polytechnic Institute) along with several selected leading institutions in the nation who are working in the area of lean systems design.

“The game throws a number of scenarios at the students that they must deal with,” Dr. Ozelkan said. “As they play, they see what works and what doesn’t’ work. Then they learn to optimize the supply chain and manufacturing environment to make it the most efficient.”

For more information on the game, supply chains and lean logistics, contact Dr. Ozelkan at 704‑687‑4990,