At NASA competition, 49er Miners win 1st place in Presentation and Demonstrations

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UNC Charlotte’s Astrobotics Team, the 49er Miners, won first place for Presentation and Demonstrations in the NASA Lunabotics Challenge held on May 17 at Kennedy Space Center. The team, which has earned an award in the competition for the past four years, finished 11th overall this year.

Forty-three U.S. universities participated in the competition, which provides students an opportunity to design and build an autonomous or telerobotic robot capable of performing assigned construction tasks on a simulated Lunar surface.

This year’s team includes the following Niner Engineers:

Connor Babcock – Mechanical Engineering
Katelyn Fennell – Mechanical Engineering
Jordan Fowler – Mechanical Engineering
Jose Maldonado – Mechanical Engineering
Trent Zuber – Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Schultz (graduate student) – Applied Energy and Electromechanical Engineering
Zeb Duvall (graduate student) – Applied Energy and Electromechanical Engineering

Faculty mentors were Aidan Browne, associate professor of engineering technology, and Michael Smith, assistant professor of mechanical engineering technology.

Learn more about the NASA Lunabotics Challenge.

49er Miners team at NASA Lunabotics competition
49er Miners team competes at the NASA Lunabotics Challenge
Robot created by 49er Miners
Robot built by 49er Miners team
Student holds Presentation and Demonstrations First Place Award at NASA competition