Drs. Bethany and Shane Woody

Drs. Bethany ’97, ’01, ’05 and Shane ’97, ’01, ’05 Woody receive the Professional Achievement Award from Dean Rob Keynton

Drs. Bethany and Shane Woody are both alumni of our college. Coincidentally, both of them obtained all of their degrees from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science. Dr. Bethany Woody obtained her BSME, MSME and Ph.D. degrees in 1999, 2003 and 2005, respectively, and Dr. Shane Woody obtained his BSME, MSME and Ph.D. degrees in 1997, 2001 and 2005, respectively.

The company IST Precision Inc., located in Mooresville, NC, was established by Drs. Bethany and Shane Woody while they were still students, in 2001. Dr. Bethany Woody serves as the President and Dr. Shane Woody serves as the Senior Engineering Manager at IST Precision. The company is an engineering design and manufacturing company that focuses on developing precision automation processes and product development. It currently has 27 employees and is growing rapidly.

Through IST Precision Inc., and through their own research, Drs. Shane and Bethany Woody have contributed and continue to contribute significantly to manufacturing and metrology. Their work has been multidisciplinary, focusing on the forefront of sensor technology, actuators, and tool solutions catering to the microscale and nanoscale domains. Their contributions have resulted in several patents with several more pending.

Through IST Precision Inc., they continue to drive groundbreaking advancements in precision metrology and provide services to customers in some of the most advanced industries and manufacturing plants worldwide.