August 18, 1999

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CEFO Minutes (B. Sherlock, Secretary)


COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FACULTY ORGANIZATION Thursday, August 18, 1999 @ 1:30 PM Cameron Applied Research Center, Room 101

Past CEFO President Ed Braun opened the meeting at 1:35. The following individuals signed the attendance sheet:
COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING: R. Snyder, C. Blat, P. Bovender, R. Gwaltney, M. Hermann, L. Hudson, C.B. Lilly, S. Meyers, P. Tolley. CAMERON A.R.C.: H. Leamy, T. Rufty, J. Stewart. COMPUTING & ENGINEERING LABS: R. Dyer, J. Halter, C. Price, D. Rowe. COMPUTER SCIENCE: M. Allen, K. Chen, E. El-Kwae, M. Hadzikadic, R. Lejk, T. Mostafavi, Z. Ras, H. Razavi, J. Robinson. CIVIL ENGINEERING: D. Bayer, R. Davidson, I. Gergely, J. Graham, H. Hilger, A. Stadler, D. Young. ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING: D. Boyd, R. Coleman, K. Daneshvar, M. Hasan, J. Hudak, V. Lukic, S. Mahaffey, M. Miri, H. Phillips, F. Tranjan. ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY: A. Barry, J. Bowen, E. Braun, N. Byars, J. Chaffin, I. Jones, D. Liou, C. Liu, C. Mobley, J. Patten, R. Priebe, D. Ramers, W. Shelnutt, B. Sherlock, P. Wang, S. Wang. MECHANICAL ENGR & ENGR SCIENCE: A. Brown, R. Coger, J. Cuttino, R. Dubler, H. Estrada, M. Frack, J. Hill, R. Hocken, R. Johnson, R. Kim, G. Mohanty, E. Munday, S. Patterson, J. Raja, J. Smith. GUESTS: None.
Total documented attendance: 73 (46 voting members.) Quorum=38.

I. Previous Meeting Minutes. The minutes of the April 29, 1999 meeting have not yet been distributed, and approval thereof was tabled until the next CEFO meeting. Note that, in addition to distribution, the archive of CEFO minutes is maintained on the world wide web. Additions and corrections may be submitted via that medium.

II. Introduction of New Faculty and Staff The following new members of the college faculty and staff were welcomed :

Stephen Meyers, Faculty Associate for recruiting and advising CAMERON A.R.C.: Jane Stewart, State accounts manager COMPUTING & ENGINEERING LABS: Dave Whisler, MOSAIC staff, database expert MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING SCIENCE: Joanne Smith, Secretary James Cuttino, Associate Professor Andy Brown, Visiting Professor Charles Lee, Assistant Professor Edward Morse, Visiting Assistant Professor ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Cammie Petty, Secretary Doug Ramers, Assistant Professor Jeffrey Kimble, Assistant Professor COMPUTER SCIENCE: Essam El-Kwae, Assistant Professor Jin Huang, Post Doctoral Research Associate Kaijun Pan, Post Doctoral Research Associate

III. Dean’s Report, Dean Snyder.

The Dean search continues. Dr. Snyder will stay in place until a replacement is found, but intends if possible to retire by January 2000. Dr. Snyder congratulated faculty members who were reappointed as Assistant Professors (J, Bowen, R. Coger, W. Tolone, T. Weldon), granted tenure (D. Liou, S. Smith), promoted to Associate Professor (K. Subramanian), and promoted to Professor (B. Chu, Y. Hari). The University attorney has pointed out conflicts between the University and College Promotion and Tenure documents. This Fall the College document must be revised again. The document as distributed remains the one currently operational. Chairs should obtain from the Dean the list of faculty eligible for tenured faculty review for this year. Faculty to be reviewed must be identified by September 15. We have a severe space “crunch” with no immediate relief in sight. However, the expansion of CARC is due to be completed in approximately one year, and planning is underway for the new Science and Technology building which could come on line as early as 3 years. There will be relief for the College of Engineering as a result of the Science and Technology building. New programs: The Fire Safely Engineering Technology program is being implemented this Fall. It is anticipated that the M.S. in Information Technology will start in January, and that the M.S. in Engineering Management will start in January or Fall 2000. There is likely to be very little new money for the latter two programs. In response to a question, Dr Snyder stated the Chancellor is strongly in favor of a new bookstore. A suitable site has not yet been identified. Once circumstances permit, this could proceed rapidly. The College supports a system called “uncover” for the retrieval of library materials. Over 50 % of the charges have been for retrieving items that are already in the library. Jim Bowen is willing to show faculty a convenient way to check whether items are in the library. Anyone interested should email him ( The University will be undergoing SACS accreditation within two years. Data on the assessment of student learning outcomes must be gathered this academic year. For every curriculum in every department, a matrix should be prepared to identify the courses that will be used to fulfil these outcome requirements. Bill Shelnutt stated that each department received has an example of how it can be done; that it must be done this semester in order to be in time; and that end-of-semester grades are not sufficient as a measure to indicate whether goals are met. UNC-Charlotte is the central focus of “Advantage Charlotte”. The legislature is aware of the space needs and that UNC-Charlotte is paramount among them. UNC-Charlotte is poised for very great opportunities.

IV. Report on Academic Integrity, Ed Braun. Recently, an effort was underway to bring about a more restrictive policy within the College. We already have a strong University policy on Academic Integrity. The Executive Committee has therefore decided to go with the University policy without instituting an additional College policy. It must be emphasized that the importance of academic integrity is paramount. There is a formal procedure for dealing with academic integrity problems, and this procedure must be followed. Departments should ensure that their faculty are aware of the policy.

V. Other Business. None.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:42 P.M.

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