August 18, 2003

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CEFO Minutes

B. Hocken, President E. Braun, President Elect D. Binkley, Secretary S. Kuyath, Parliamentarian


Monday, August 18, 2003, 2:00 PM
Cameron Applied Research Center, Room 101
Regular Meeting

CEFO President Dr. Bob Hocken opened the meeting at 2:00 PM. The following individuals signed the attendance sheet: COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING: R. Johnson, C. Blat, K. Elmore, M. Hermann, E. Haro, K. Kegley, B. Kreusch, L. Sharpe, S. Meyers, D. Overcash, C. Price, P. Tolley, T. Rufty, J. Clark, D. Furr, J. Stewart. CAMERON A.R.C.: COMPUTING & ENGINEERING LABS: R. Dyer, J. Halter, M. Mosley CIVIL ENGINEERING: D. Young, J. Anderson, D. Bayer, J. Bowen, J. Daniels, C. Gibb, J. Graham, H. Hilger, R. Janardhanam, V. Ogunro, E. Scott, D. Tilley, D. Weggel. ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING: F. Tranjan, D. Binkley, P. Chandramani, J. Conrad, K. Daneshvar, M. Hasan, J. Hudak, V. Lukic, M. Miri, A. Nasipuri, A. Ravindran, L. Sheppard, T. Weldon, S. Mahaffey. ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY: A. Brizendine, A. Barry, E. Braun, N. Byars, J. Carter, B. Gehrig, J. Kimble, S. Kuyath, D. Liou, C. Mobley, D. Murphy, C. Orozco, R. Priebe, D. Ramers, D. Sharer, S. Wang, G. Watkins, J. Woodall. MECHANICAL ENGR & ENGR SCIENCE: J. Raja, J. Cuttino, H. Estrada, Y. Hari, R. Hocken, K. Lawton, G. Micklow, J. Miller, E. Munday, J. Raquet, M. Rodgers, S. Smith, R. Wilhelm. GUESTS: T. Kuriyagawa, L. Thurman, D. Smith.

Documented attendance: 80.

Documented attendance of voting faculty: 49.

1. Note that in addition to distribution, archives of CEFO minutes will be maintained at a permanent college web site to be announced shortly.

Welcome to the 2003 – 2004 Academic Year

Dr. Bob Hocken welcomed everyone to the 2003 – 2004 academic year.

2. Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the CEFO meeting of March 27, 2003 were distributed to attendees. These minutes were later approved without change.

3. Special Announcement – Beth Kreusch receives the University Career Center Faculty Service Award

Ms. Denise Dwight Smith of the University Career Center presented the “University Career Center Faculty Service Award” to Ms. Beth Kreusch of the Office of Student Development and Success/MAPS. The award recognizes Beth’s work in promoting career opportunities for students and fostering relationships with student employers. Beth was present to receive the award.

4. Welcome to New Faculty and Staff Dr. Bob Hocken invited department and unit leaders to introduce new faculty and staff. Dr. David Young of Civil Engineering introduced new faculty member Dr. David Boyajian and mentioned that Dr. David Bayer is now on phased retirement. Dr. Farid Tranjan of Electrical and Computer Engineering introduced new faculty members Drs. Arun Ravindrun and Jim Conrad, new visiting professor Dr. Premanand Chandramani, and new faculty associate Dr. Lamar Sheppard. Dr. Tony Brizendine of Engineering Technology introduced new faculty member Dr. Courtney James and new visiting faculty member Dr. Joseph Woodall. Dr. Jay Raja of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science introduced new faculty member Dr. Yesim Sireli in the Engineering Management program. He also mentioned Dr. Gloria Elliot will be joining as a new faculty member in January 2004. Dr. Bob Hocken of the Center for Precision Metrology introduced Dr. Tsune Kuriyagawa as a visiting scientist from Tohoku University in Sendai Japan. Ms. Patty Tolley of the Office of Student Development and Success/MAPS introduced Ms. Elizabet Haro and Mr. Larry Sharpe as faculty associates in the freshman engineering programs. Dr. Bob Johnson, dean of the college of engineering, mentioned that Mr. Mike Mosley is the acting director of the Engineering Computing Services MOSAIC unit. Mr. David Chaney was introduced as a new systems programmer. Additionally, Bob introduced Dr. Ronald Smelser in the new position of professor and associate dean for student and academic affairs. Dr. Hillary Inyang, director of the Global Institute of Energy and Environmental Systems, introduced Dr. Felix Udoeyo as a new visiting scholar. 5. Dean’s Report, Dr. Bob Johnson Bob welcomed everyone back for the start of the new academic year. The Science and Technology, Engineering Research, and the Applied Optics and Physics buildings are expected to come on-line in 12 – 18 months. Review and clean-up of the Constitution and Bylaws of the College of Engineering is continuing. This is update and clarification versus making substantive changes. The ABET EC 2000 visit for all four college engineering programs is on October 5, 6, and 7 (Sunday – Tuesday). Bob asked everyone to support their chairs in collecting notebooks on ABET program outcomes. Additionally, Bob overviewed key ABET terminology: Program Educational Outcomes (PEO), long-term outcomes known as ABET criterion 2. Program Outcomes (PO), more immediate outcomes known as ABET criterion 3. These include the Individual Course Assessment Process (ICAP) and Focus Area Improvement Teams (FAIT) at the departmental level. College level ABET activities include Assessment Improvement Meeting (AIM), College Administrative Committee (CAC), and Strategic Planning Assessment Resource Team (SPART). Bob thanked Dr. Chuck Price, now the Director on University Research Computing, for his continued support of the college’s MOSAIC program. Bob concluding by asking everyone to continue preparing the best engineers possible. 6. Adjournment.

Bob Hocken closed the meeting by mentioning that the college of engineering faculty organization is our organization. He invited everyone to submit agenda items to him. Meetings will be called when there are sufficient agenda items to warrant a meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 PM.

Please submit additions or corrections to Dr. David Binkley, CEFO Secretary: