August 19, 1997

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CEFO Minutes

(J. Carter, Secretary)


COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FACULTY ORGANIZATION Tuesday, August 19, 1997 @ 3:30 PM Friday, Room 17
CEFO President Yogendra Kakad opened the meeting at 3:34. The following individuals signed the attendance sheet:

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING: R. Snyder, S. Middleton, R. Gwaltney, J. Roblin, N. Shull, P. Tolley, M. Hermann
CAMERON ARC: H. Leamy, W. Meier, T. Rufty.
COMPUTER SCIENCE: M. Allen, B. Chu, R. Lejk, W. Tolone.
CIVIL ENGINEERING: D. Bayer, J. Evett, J. Graham, R. Janardhanam, M. Kane, K. Linden, A. Stadler, D. Young.
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: S. Bobbio, R. Coleman, T. Dahlberg, K. Daneshvar, R. Greene, S. Mahaffey, G. Metze, H. Phillips, M. Sleva, F. Tranjan.
ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY: B. Barry, E. Braun, N. Byars, J. Carter, J. Chaffin, D. Liou, C. Liu, T. Owen, J. Patten, R. Priebe, W. Shellnut, B. Sherlock, S. Wang.
MECHANICAL ENGR & ENGR SCIENCE: H. Cherukuri, R. Coger, P. DeHoff, R. Dubler, H. Estrada, M. Frank, Y. Hari, R. Johnson, G. Mohanty, E. Munday, J. Raja, Scott Smith, Stuart Smith.
GUESTS: None. Total documented attendance: 59 (44 voting members.) Quorum=40

I. Moment of Silence, Yogi Kakad. A moment of silence was observed in respect for the passing of Dr. Burton Wayne, First Chair of EE Department and Associate Dean of the College. A fund has been established in his name.

II. New Faculty and Staff, Yogi Kakad. Several new faculty and staff came on board in the last year and were introduced by their respecrive departments:

Civil Engineering, David Young introduced Alan Stadler and Carl Linden.
Computer Science, Rick Lejk introduced Jan Zytkow and Sue Oxley.
Engineering Technology, Cheng Liu introduced Sheng Huo Wang and Barry Sherlock.
Mechanical Engineering, Bob Johnson introduced Scott Smith.
College of Engineering, Dean Snyder introduced Mike Hermann.

III. Dean’s Report, Dean Snyder.

Dr. Snyder welcomed all staff back for the new academic year and expressed his hope that it would be productive and satisfying to all.
The Accreditation board, ABET, will be visiting Engineering programs in November. We have not yet received a report from their visit to Engineering Technology that took place last year.
The EET program has been taken off campus and is being presented to three sites. It is a milestone both for the University and for the College. We have enrolled over 70 students at these three sites. We are moving ahead with plans for other locations for pre-engineering courses that will facilitate the transfer to programs within the college.
The Introduction to Engineering class is going out over TV channel 22 with Dr. Johnny Graham. It is telecast on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 PM.
A major report has been submitted by an ad-hoc committee to investigate and make recommendations concerning the library’s electronic services. About a dozen recommendations should be implemented. A report will be sent to the chairs.
A new password has been assigned to the CARL Uncover program.
Patty Tolley has been appointed to the position of “Director of Special Programs.
A report for the new “School of Information Technology” will be developed as early as this Fall. A plan is to be submitted to the Chancellor originating from an ad-hoc task force chaired by Dean Snyder.

IV. Building Security, Dan Rowe. Identification cards will soon be needed to access the Smith Building after hours. We will be using a card-access system. Everyone must go to the ID office and have the old-style card replaced. The old card is no longer valid. The first door to be outfitted with the access system will be the main North doors near the MOSAIC labs. Keys will no longer work in the doors. Key and card access methods will run in parallel until all of the bugs are worked out.

V. COE Annual Report, Dean Snyder. A copy of the William States Lee College of Engineering Annual Report was distributed with the meeting agenda. This report, requested by the Academic Affairs office provides an assessment of the previous year, covering “what went right”, “what went wrong” in reference to the strategic plan. (Copy attached to the paper copy of the minutes.)

VI. SPART, Bill Shelnutt, Pat Tolley. Details concerning a critical assessment of our progress relative to the Strategic Plan were presented. This included a “Scorecard of Key Measures” that was distributed at the meeting. (Copy attached to the paper copy of the minutes.) A sequence of 23 slides were described that covered the design of the scorecard, justification for measurement, a list of the stakeholders in the process, components of the plan, COE vision, highlights of the Strategic Plan goals, ABET2000 Attributes of graduates, what to do about missing measures, Spring 97 SPART survey responses, proposed additions to the SPART faculty survey, proposed additions to the SPART alumni survey, proposed additions to the SPART employer survey, proposed additions to the SPART student survey, currently missing measures, and next steps in the process. Feedback from the departments on the subject are solicited.

VII. NCAR, Bob Johnson. The college is sponsoring an entry into competitive automobile racing, and an exhibition race was recently held before the IROC race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. This activity places us on an equal footing with other institutions that we generally chase. This is potentially good publicity, particularly with the availability of good drivers in this area. See Bob Johnson if you would like more info.

VIII. Contract Administration Update, Toby Rufty.

Personnel. Toby Rufty / x2070 /, Teena Power / x4104 /
Research. Facilities and administrative fees (aka overhead or indirect costs) are 53% of salaries and wages for on-campus activities, and 24% of salaries and wages for off-campus activities. New forms were updated in July and have been given to department secretaries. Excel forms have been given to the department secretaries with redundant capability in Toby or Teena’s offices. Toby and Teena can help with butgets, but get your requests in early.
Employment. Getting people paid around here takes a lot of paperwork. Make sure that the paperwork is done before the person starts working. The I9 must have been previously signed. Talk to your department secretaries to assure that the paperwork is done. Secretaries have a new PD7 form. If there are any new or departing personnel, tell Toby or Teena.
COE Shared Database. A database that contains information on all COE personnel has been placed on a shared file server using Microsoft Access 2.0. Some data has limited access. It is primarily used by Toby, Renda, the Central Office and the Dean’s Secretaries for budgets, reports, surveys and other general administrative needs.The budgeting portion of the database is being worked by Matthew and Renda.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:58 PM.

Secretary’s Addendum, Jack Carter. The following were elected to the indicated offices as a result of the May, 1997 CEFO elections:

CEFO President Elect, Ed Braun
CEFO Secretary, Jack Carter
CEFO Parliamentarian, David Bayer
College RPT Committee, Kasra Daneshvar, Jack Evett, Ganesh Hohanty, Mike Allen, and John Patten.
Faculty Executive Committee, Rick Lejk with Nan Byars, Alternate.
Faculty Advisory Library Committee, James Bowen with Zbignew Ras, Alternate.
Committee on Summer Sessions, Dick Dubler.
Faculty Employment Status Committee, Jack Chaffin with Jack Carter alternate.

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