November 16, 1994

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CEFO Minutes (J. Carter, Secretary)


COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FACULTY ORGANIZATION Wednesday, November 16, 1994 @ 12:30 PM Friday Building – Room 17

Dr. David Young opened the meeting at 12:33 PM. The following signed the attendance sheet:

COLLEGE OF ENGR: R. Snyder. COMPUTER SCIENCE: M. Allen, G. Epstein, M. Hadzikadic, R. Lejk, J. Long, T. Mostafavi, J. Quinn, G. Revesz, Z. Ras, H. Razavi, R. Shaw, K. Subramanian, J. Xiao. ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY: F. Auchey, E. Braun, N. Byars, J. Carter, J. Chaffin, J. Patten, W. Shelnutt, D. Smith, E. Willis,. CIVIL ENGINEERING: J. Evett, D. Hanks, R. Janardhanam, I. Runge, J. Wu, D. Young. MECHANICAL ENGR & ENGR SCIENCE: R. Dubler, H. Estrada, J. Hill, R. Johnson, R. Kim, S. Patterson, J. Raja, R. Wilhelm. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: S. Bobbio, R. Makki, M. Miri, W. Smith. CAMERON A.R.C.: H. Leamy, T. Rufty. ENGR RES & IND DEVMT: J. Roblin. GUESTS: Donna Prendergast. Total documented attendance: 45.

I. Minutes of the October 18, 1994 Meeting. Approval of minutes of the previous meeting was deferred until the next meeting on December 6th.

II. Educational Outreach, Donna Prendergast. Ms. Prendergast introduced the new office of Educational Outreach. Ken Burroughs is the assistant Coordinator. They serve as a liaison between University faculty and the educational community served by this campus. If any faculty are interested in contacts within this community, the office can help. The office also needs to know about any contacts made between our faculty and local schools so that the efforts are credited. The University is expected to provide services, and when they are not reported, we do not get credit for the contact. Any service done for the educational community can be counted whether or not it is within the rhelm of the faculty’s assigned duty subject. If a contact is made, or services of any kind rendered to the local educational community please report this contact to the office using an activity report provided by that office. Faculty will not receive any compensation, but at least the University can show the work being done.

III. William States Lee Dedication, Harry Leamy. The dedication is next Tuesday and things are shaping up quite well. As many as can attend the panel discussion are asked to do so. If you cannot stay for later, please sit in the balcony. The program starts at 9:00AM with coffee and doughnuts, and the panel discussion at 9:30 moderated by Bill Friday. The charge of the panel is to examine the challenges facing engineering education as we prepare students to enter the next century. Panel will be attended by avid note takers and discussion will be revisited in the afternoon. After the discussion, the ceremony will be held and artwork unveiled. After this the group will adjourn for lunch. A luncheon will be held for invited guests, including faculty who have responded to the invitation. The lunch is oversubscribed so no others will be able to attend. The lunch speaker will be talking about “Changing Paradigms”. After the room is rearranged, we will break into work groups with each instructed to come up with action items for implementation in the college. We will use Bill Lee’s name and career as an example to students. Video tapes will be made of interviews with him as his career is documented.

IV. Industrial Extension Service, Jack Roblin. NC State Industrial Extension Service (IES) received about $3 Million funding to put IES agents around North Carolina, including UNCC. After the first of the year an agent will be assigned to this university to work with local industry to identify problems which can be addressed by the resources of the University, including its faculty. This may be a very promising effort for outreach to the industrial community.

V. CEAPCC, Horatio Estrada. Proposals will be discussed in the upcoming meeting on Friday and submitted to the dean for action in the next CEFO faculty meeting.

VI. Strategic Plan, Dean Snyder. Academic Contract. Such a concept already exists on an informal level. This gives the department and personnel a facility to reward a variety of efforts. If activities of the faculty member meet needs of the department those activities should be rewarded. If departments want to create specific documents they may, but that is not the intent of the inclusion of this subject in the strategic plan. However, writing down what is expected will protect the faculty. The Task Force on Faculty Rewards is aggressively pursuing this issue and will be reporting with some ideas at a later date.

VII. Teaching Enhancement, Rafic Makki. The members of the Teaching Enhancement committee have been working on an implementation document pertaining to peer evaluation of teaching. They have been spending most of the semester looking at what is being done on the subject by reviewing the literature and attending seminars. Hopefully a draft document will be available by the December meeting. A workshop on the subject is planned for early May.

VIII. COE Strategic Plan. Dean Snyder. Opportunity was raised to conduct more discussion on the Strategic Plan. No such discussion was requested from the floor. Department plans are due to the dean by the first of December. The last faculty meeting of the semester will be held on December 6th.

IX. College Resolution, David Young. The college resolution regarding the University Park Schools was received very positively by the Chancellor. Dr. Woodward is meeting with Dr. Murphy to discuss the issue. The College of Engineering was commended for an excellent resolution.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:38PM.