Landing a Dream Job

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Boehm is now a test engineer with Honda Research and Development in the Vehicle Stability Group in Marysville, Ohio. He is involved in the testing of anti-lock breaking systems, traction control and stability control systems on all Honda and Acura vehicles.

“There were 50 of us being interviewed for 10 job openings” Boehm said. “Most of us were interested in working for the Vehicle Stability Group. For me testing is more hands-on, which makes it more fun.”

Not knowing anyone in Ohio, the new job will be a total unknown for Boehm. He’s not too worried, though, because he faced the same situation when he came to Charlotte from a small town near Boone, North Carolina.

“I grew up around racing,” Boehm said. “My Dad was always into racing. When I came to UNC Charlotte in the Motorsports program I had a lot in common with the other guys, and we all became friends fast.”

As the team leader of the 2008-2009 Formula SAE team, Boehm got valuable hands-on engineering experience while at school.

“I also started my own small business that rents and analyzes data acquisition for race cars. That was great experience that helped me get the job.”

While in the Lee College of Engineering, Boehm worked for the MAPS student support program his junior and senior year, and was in the college Leadership Program. “I used to be very quiet, but these experiences really helped me branch out. I learned how to talk to people and how to explain things so people could learn. It was really beneficial.”