Mr. Engineer

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The event was put on by the college’s student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers. The girls were looking for the finest manifestation of the male engineer in both student and faculty categories.

The evening started with contestants taking to the catwalk to strut their stuff. Almost all made it successfully from one end to the other without falling. Next up was the talent competition, where a number of the guys showed off their musical and athletic abilities. All were topped by Dr. Jim Bowen, who combined both music and athleticism as he rode his bike and played his harmonica.

Contestants had to think quick on their feet and without the aid of Wikipedia, as they answered deep philosophical questions like – “How many grad students does it take to change a light bulb (One, but it takes 10 years.)?

The final event was the somewhat redundant “Dress Like a Geeky Engineer Walk.”

In the end, the winners were all the students who got a nice break and a laugh before exam time started, and

Ervin Lanier – Mr. Student Engineer

Dr. Jim Conrad – Mr. Faculty Engineer

Dr. Jim Bowen – Best Talent

John Parada – Best Personality

Will Reams – Best Geeky Attire