Rick Noreika

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Q. What does your company do?

A. We do contract manufacturing, mostly for electronic assemblies.

Q. What academic degrees do you hold?

A. B.S. in Industrial Engineering, La Salle University, 1974

Q. What is the purpose of the board?

A. We are the finger on the pulse of industry that gives the Dean the information he needs for his strategic planning. We give him the prospective of engineering professional from the Charlotte area and around the world.

Q. What changes have you seen in the college and UNC Charlotte?

A. In my time on the board, I’ve seen tremendous growth and well-position growth. The emphasis on the energy and environmental aspects of engineering now is the right move at the right time.

Hiring Engineers

Q. What is your company looking for in new engineers?

A. Being able to understand the big picture is one thing employers are looking for.

Q. Where are good opportunities for engineers?

A. The job market is tough. My advice is to get as much relevant experience as possible. Whether it’s through internships or co-ops, I can’t over stress the value of experience.

Importance of Community Involvement

Q. What importance does your company place on community involvement?

A. All three companies I’ve worked for have had a firm belief in the value of community involvement.

Q. What value does your company get from the college and from you being on the board?

A. For me it has been a volunteer opportunity that is a small way of giving back and sharing.