Robert Mason

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Q. What does your company do?

A. We are the Local Business Partner for Emerson Process Management of St. Louis. We provide process equipment, software and engineering services to industry in the Carolinas.

Q. What academic degrees do you hold?

A. – 1981, B.S.B.A. from UNC CharlotteH

– Post Graduate Study at N.C. State in Engineering and Chemistry

– 1985, Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from N.C. State

– 1993, Graduated from UNC CharlotteH Kenan-Flagler Young Executive Program

Q. What is the purpose of the board?

A. To advise and support the college in the community, region, state and industry.

Q. What changes have you seen in the college and UNC Charlotte?

A. Tremendous changes in the campus; size, capabilities and statue.

Q. What is exciting at the college?

A. The people, energy and growing capabilities.

Q. What do you see in the future for the college?

A. Great things! A leader in the state, nation and industry.

Q. What are your thought about the football team?

A. Football is a great opportunity to share experiences for students, faculty and the Charlotte community. It’s a great way to bring back alumni and receive recognition for the school outside the region.

Your Engineering Career

Q. Why did you become an engineer?

A. I have always had a curious nature about science, technology and how things work.

Q. What skills have been important in your career?

A. Technical skills are important. Just as important are communication and leadership skills, in other words, “people skills.”

Q. What changes have you seen in the profession during your career?

A. Computers have revolutionized our capability and speed.

Q. What is the most exciting project you ever worked on?

A. It is hard to say because I have worked on so many exciting projects in many different industries; power, chemical, paper and biotech/ pharmaceutical. Projects that improve the lives of people are exciting to me.

Q. What is the best career advice anyone ever gave you?

A. You never stop learning, be a life-long student.

Q. What do you like best about your job?

A. Working with people to achieve amazing results.

Hiring Engineers

Q. What is your company looking for in new engineers?

A. Bright, energetic individuals with leadership qualities. Technical skills are important, and so are communication and leadership skills.

Q. Where are good opportunities for engineers?

A. There are lots of opportunities for engineers in industry and business. Seek opportunities where you have interests. We need more engineers.

Q. What are the hot engineering markets for the future?

A. Power, Environment, Biotech/Pharmaceuticals.

Q. How valuable is an advanced degree?

A. It depends on your interests and industry. Do you want to move into academia, industry, management? Life-long learning is most important whether you have a formal advanced degree or not.

Experience with the College of Engineering

Q. What have you enjoyed about your involvement with the college?

A. Getting to know the students, professors and Dean. Watching the college evolve.

Q. Have you been involved in senior design projects, co-ops or internships?

A. Yes and yes. We have had quite a few co-ops and interns working for us over the years. We have several now.

Q. Are you involved in any college research?

A. The college is currently working on a research project for us.

Q. What growth areas do you see in the college?

A. Growth in research, existing programs and addition of new engineering programs/disciplines.

Importance of Community Involvement

Q. What importance does your company place on community involvement?

A. We believe that our associates should be leaders in our community through involvement.

Q. What value does your company get from the college and from you being on the board?

A. High value in being a part of a growing and dynamic institution. We also get some of our best engineers from the college.

Q. What importance do you place on the giving back to the community, in gifts of time and/or money? A. It is very important to give back to the community. It is expected and part of leadership.

Research and Centers

Q. What are your thoughts on the value of university research?

A. A research university is the opportunity for leadership. It is important to attracting industry and the best and brightest of our profession.