Dr. Rob Keynton Begins Tenure as Dean of Lee College of Engineering

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On July 27, Dr. Rob Keynton began his first week as dean of The William States Lee College of Engineering. Undergraduate and graduate students from several engineering disciplines and organizations pitched in to help Dean Keynton set up his new office in Duke Centennial Hall. An introductory message from Dean Keynton to the Forty Niner Engineering Community is below.

Dear Forty Niner Engineering Community,

Hello, I’m Rob Keynton and it is my honor to be starting my first week as the new dean of The William States Lee College of Engineering. Campus is strangely quiet as I unpack boxes and get settled into my new office. Like many of you, I am greatly anticipating the return of our students, faculty and staff in the coming weeks, so we can truly partake in the energetic, vibrant academic community that is UNC Charlotte.

It is this dynamic and talented community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and industrial partners that attracted me to the Lee College of Engineering. I am looking forward to partnering with all of you, as we continue to advance the college’s strong academic, research, and industrial-outreach programs, which were shaped by the leadership of my predecessor, Dean Bob Johnson. Under Bob’s leadership, the college reached record levels of enrollment and research awards, established new academic programs, and built some of the finest research centers and facilities in the country. With your engagement and support, I’m looking forward to continuing and building upon these successes.

As we move forward, I will work diligently to ensure our students attain the best educational experience and highest-quality education possible. Engineering and innovation are more important than ever to our world, as we work to develop new solutions to environmental, energy production, biomedical, infrastructure, manufacturing, communications and other technological challenges. Preparing a new generation of engineers and technologies to meet these challenges is a critical task, and one we will achieve as we work together.

I look forward to meeting and engaging with all of you in the coming weeks and as we begin classes in the fall. I hope you will join me in advancing Niner Nation to the next level.

Thank you, and go Niners!

Dr. Rob Keynton

Dean, The William States Lee College of Engineering
Fellow – AIMBE, BMES and NAI