While building a business and raising a family, Steve Browning also found the time to keep passing on his knowledge of structural engineering, by teaching part time at UNC Charlotte. He found the time for 42 years.

Gathering 20 years after his death, the teammates of Alan Kulwicki shared a number of colorful stories about the hands-on engineer who was the driver and owner of his NASCAR Winston Cup Championship team.

An email from Jason Early, Electrical Engineering, 2007 “I am in the test field in Erlangen, Germany. Pretty cool and the work environment is ‘where the rubber hits the road’. Crazy thing, Jessica (Jacey) Rogers walks in as a process engineer to run some tests! On top of that, Hannah (Austin) Arrington, David Ghali and […]

Competing with more than 40 other projects, the team of Andrew Gould, Thiec Rahlan and Joshua Smith won the top award at the Spring 2013 Senior Design Exposition for their Integrated Transformer Monitoring System project. Sponsored by Schweitzer Engineering Labs, the project involved the design, construction and testing of a transformer monitoring system centered around […]

In its second year, the 49er Rocket team has soared to new heights in a number of ways, even though a final launch engine failure at a recent event led to a crash and burn. That’s rockets, and that’s how you learn from rockets. Systems Engineering senior Nathan Muller has been involved with the group […]

Students can take courses in a classroom in Charlotte or on a computer in Istanbul. The degree can be completed fast-track in 12 months or more slowly over a number of years. The flexibility is great, but no matter which options students may select to meet their life situation, all lead to an exceptional master’s […]

A new fire research and teaching laboratory in Smith Hall on the UNC Charlotte campus is helping the Fire Safety Engineering Technology program expand its undergraduate teaching facilities and increase its research capabilities for graduate-level studies and research.

The operation of large cranes performing heavy lifts is potentially dangerous, which is why new OSHA safety regulations are in place. The regulations are important and complex, and Lee College of Engineering Assistant Professor Chung-Suk Cho and his students are developing new training materials to help ensure crane safety is performed correctly.

In the optimization of a super car, UNC Charlotte motorsports researchers are using super computers and some super brain power to set up a complete computational fluid dynamics modeling and analysis program for an American Le Mans Series racer.

For their capstone project, a team of students from the Lee College of Engineering’s Leadership Academy designed, raised money for and built a sports training facility for special needs students to use in practicing for the Special Olympics.