Sun developed the OpenSPARC Awards program to foster innovation on a global level and recognize the most interesting initiatives within open source communities. The winners range from professors and students in academia to developers working in the industry, all of whom demonstrate extraordinary creativity and collaboration leading to some outstanding innovations in the OpenSPARC community. […]

Boehm is now a test engineer with Honda Research and Development in the Vehicle Stability Group in Marysville, Ohio. He is involved in the testing of anti-lock breaking systems, traction control and stability control systems on all Honda and Acura vehicles. “There were 50 of us being interviewed for 10 job openings” Boehm said. “Most […]

“One of the approaches we take in our classes is active learning,” said Dr. Ertunga Ozelkan,assistant professor of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management.

Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Peter Tkacik and Ph.D. student Sam Hellman led the tunnel construction. “There are infinite different experiments we can do in here,” Hellman said.”The advantage that water tunnels have over wind tunnels is you can actually visualize the flow. There’s a lot of research available for it and a lot of different […]

The event was put on by the college’s student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers. The girls were looking for the finest manifestation of the male engineer in both student and faculty categories. The evening started with contestants taking to the catwalk to strut their stuff. Almost all made it successfully from one end […]

UNC Charlotte has established the new Infrastructure, Design, Environment and Sustainability Center to bring university research expertise to the solving of problems that arise from the complex relationships between humans and their environment.

“The robot’s name was ‘Wakka.’ The name was derived from a subroutine called ‘Whack Whack.’ The subroutine is what tells the arms to “whack” the items into the robot. “Our robot was autonomous and began its course with the push of a button labeled ‘start.’ The robot dimensions were limited to one-foot by one-foot by […]

Protein drugs are very unstable and generally must be stored in a dry state that requires a costly manufacturing process.

“To our knowledge, this is the first bioreactor engineered with cell storage as a key design criteria ” Dr. Coger said.

Dr. Matt Davies is teaching Introduction to Biomechanics in fall 2009. The class covers static, dynamic and structural analysis of the musculoskeletal system, mechanical behavior of bone and soft tissues, and analysis of common engineered implants.