Q. What does your company do? A. We provide engineering consulting to the electric power industry, specializing in the analysis, inspection and lifing of critical pressure components in nuclear and fossil power plants. We also do failure investigations and use the outcomes of these investigations to develop remediation programs to assess the potential and prevent […]

The WiSE hall will house sophomores, juniors and seniors. Its purpose is to provide a strong support group of peers with similar educational and career interests. Participants will benefit from in-house academic and professional development activities, and from developing friendships that can last well beyond their academic careers. The WiSE residence hall will be located […]

The Outstanding Alumnus Awarded was given to Dr. Smith “for excellence and innovation in manufacturing research, resulting in substantial societal benefit, and for outstanding educational and professional leadership.”

Rebecca Sawyer, who graduated in May 2010, will be using the fellowship grant to study electrical engineering at Stanford University. Richard Blackmon, who graduated in May 2009, is now pursuing his Ph.D. in Optical Science and Engineering at UNC Charlotte.

The spring Mechanical Engineering junior design project was to design and build a remotely controlled robot that could transport mock fuel-rod casks from one place to another, while traversing an obstacle course. The robots had to be lightweight, well-balanced and cost-effective. Each had to have a crane that could easily engage, raise and lower the […]

Fifteen students and a faculty member from the Lee College of Engineering traveled to Munich, Germany, during spring break 2010 as part of the new Global Perspectives in Engineering program. The program is a technical elective and focuses on the global implications of engineering solutions in the context of transportation, energy and automotive manufacturing.

With bridges across the country in a critical state of repair, the importance of inspection practices and bridge management systems are more critical than ever. To improve such systems for bridges, Civil and Environmental Engineering professor Dr. Shen-En Chen is leading a team in the development of Commercial Remote Sensing (CRS) applications.

The research of Ph.D. student Fabien Besnard has multiple positive implications. It is reclaiming waste material from construction sites, producing fertilizer, and increasing the yield of plants for use in biodiesel.

The Motorsports Engineering program continues its expansion with a new building, additional faculty member, and students and alumni racing on other continents.

When President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, he donated the money from the prize to several charities. One of these was the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, which used the money to fund the Obama Scholars program. One of the 12 winners of the new scholarships was Lee College of Engineering junior Jenny Salgado.