NSF Spotlights Tabkhi for Thought Leadership in AI

Categories: General News

The National Science Foundation has featured Hamed Tabkhi, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, as its first Featured PI spotlight for the Smart & Connect Communities Virtual Organization. 

Tabkhi’s pioneering work in AI and machine learning for public safety, driven by his project, “Building Safe and Secure Communities through Real-Time Edge Video Analytics,” combines computer vision, behavioral analysis, and edge computing to address urban safety concerns. The initiative, which actively engages the local community, has already demonstrated success with two operational test beds using existing CCTV cameras, prioritizing behavioral analysis over appearance-based recognition tactics. 

Tabkhi envisions the project expanding citywide and extending applications to diverse safety concerns, emphasizing its educational impact by attracting local students to UNC Charlotte for advanced studies and research opportunities.

As part of the recognition, Tabkhi also presented as one of the esteemed keynote speakers at the 2024 Smart & Connected Communities PI Meeting held in February.