Awarded Seed Grants

Awards Made

Type I:

None Yet Awarded

Type II:

2022: Variable Resolution Information Optimized Perception Planning and Control for Multi-Robot Systems

  • PI: Dipankar Maity, Co-PI’s: Andrew Willis, Artur Wolek
  • Funding Type II, Amount: $9,988

Type III:

2023: Bridging the Disparity Gap in Charlotte Underserved Communities through Equitable Accessible on-demand Bus Transit

  • PI: Hamed Tabkhi, Co-PIs: Mona Azarbayjani, Taghi Mostafavi, Suzanne Leland, S. Pulugurtha , Zahra Baharani, Felesia Stukes
  • Funding Type: Type III, Amount: $20,000

2023: An eXtended Reality BehaviOral Therapy (XR-BOT) for Opioid Use Disorder and Recovery

  • PI: V. Girishan Prabhu, Co-PI. Ming-Chun Lee, Kelsie J Pierre, A. B Morgan
  • Funding Type: Type III, Amount: $10,000

2023: Immersive and Interactive Simulations to Evaluate Vulnerable Road Users’ Behavior on Scooters, E-scooters, and E-bikes

  • PI: Omidreza Shoghli, Co-PIs: Aidong Lu,  Heydarian
  • Funding Type: Type III, Amount: $20,000

2022: Human-Data-Driven Optimization for Pandemic-Resilient Facility Layout Planning

  • PI: Churtzu Lim, Co-PI’s: Kyoung-Hee Kim, Simon Hsiang
  • Funding Type: Type III, Amount $10,000

2022: Neuroprotective Mechanism for Cisplatin Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

  • PI: In Hong Yang, Dept, Co-PI’s: Shan Yan
  • Funding Type: Type III, Amount: $20,000

Type IV:

2022: Understanding the Role of Engineering Identity in the Academic Success Patterns of Under Represented and Low Income Students Who Graduated from the College of Engineering

  • PI: Dr. Smith-Orr, Co-PI’s: Stephanie Galloway
  • Funding Type: Type IV, Amount: $5,000