CoEN Internal Funding

Leading-edge, collaborative research activities lie at the core of The William States Lee College of Engineering’s culture and success.  To further advance and accelerate novel concepts in fundamental, applied, and educational research, four new seed grant programs are being supported by the College. A total of $125,000 per year will be available to support these programs. The primary purpose of the seed grant programs are to provide funds to stimulate activities that will lead to the development and submission of competitive research proposals to an external funding agency that provide full Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost recovery. The programs encourage multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaborations.

The document found at this link will provide details on the 4 different opportunities: 

  • Type I: Competitive Proposal Enhancement (CPE) Grant 
  • Type II: Multidisciplinary Team Initiation (MTI) Grants 
  • Type III: Trans-Discipline College Initiation (TCI) Grants 
  • Type IV: Education Initiative (EI) Grants 

First Round of Seed Funding Awards

Submssions: 9 
  • Type I: Competitive Proposal Enhancement (CPE) Grant: 1 submission
  • Type II: Multidisciplinary Team Initiation (MTI) Grants: 3 submissions
  • Type III: Trans-Discipline College Initiation (TCI) Grants: 3 submissions 
  • Type IV: Education Initiative (EI) Grants: 2 submissions

Awards Made

Title: Variable Resolution Information Optimized Perception Planning and Control for Multi-Robot Systems 

  • PI: Dr. Dipankar Maity, Dept: Electrical Engineering, College: College of Engineering 
  • Co-PI: Dr. Andrew Willis, Dept: Electrical Engineering, College: College of Engineering 
  • Co-PI: Dr. Artur Wolek, Dept: Mechanical Engineering, College: College of Engineering 
  • Funding Type: Type II, Amount: $9,988

Title: Human-Data-Driven Optimization for Pandemic-Resilient Facility Layout Planning 

  • PI: Dr. Churtzu Lim, Dept: Systems Engineering, College: College of Engineering 
  • Co-PI: Dr. Kyoung-Hee Kim, Dept: School of Architecture, College: College of Arts and Architecture 
  • Co-PI: Dr. Simon Hsiang, Dept: Systems Engineering, College: College of Engineering 
  • Funding Type: Type III, Amount: $10,000 

Title: Neuroprotective Mechanism for Cisplatin Induced Peripheral Neuropathy 

  • PI: Dr. In Hong Yang, Dept: Mechanical Engineering, College: College of Engineering 
  • Co-PI: Dr. Shan Yan, Dept: Biological Sciences, College: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 
  • Funding Type: Type III, Amount: $20,000 

Title: Understanding the Role of Engineering Identity in the Academic Success Patterns of Under Represented and Low Income Students Who Graduated from the College of Engineering 

  • PI: Dr. Smith-Orr, Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering, College: College of Engineering 
  • Co-PI: Stephanie Galloway, Dept: Dean's Office, College: College of Engineering 
  • Funding Type: Type IV, Amount: $5,000