Student Grievances

UNC Charlotte is committed to fostering mutual respect among all members of the University community. If a student has any issue or concern regarding the living and learning environment or established policies at UNC Charlotte, you can submit a Student Grievance Report. The Office of Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS), a function of the Dean of Students Office, reviews all grievances submitted via this reporting form. The University has also developed a Student Grievance Procedure regarding grievances.

The Office of Student Assistance and Support Services can also serve as a resource for students seeking information regarding grievances and appropriate avenues to express concerns about their University experiences. If you are considering submitting a Student Grievance Report, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • If you have a concern with a professor or instructor, please contact the appropriate department chair, as chairs have direct oversight of professors/instructors
  • If you are looking to appeal a final course grade, please thoroughly read the University’s established Policy and Procedure for Student Appeals of Final Course Grades and follow the prescribed steps
  • Student Grievance Report forms should be used to submit a formal complaint if you have made attempts to but have been unable to satisfactorily resolve the issue at hand
  • If you have made attempts to resolve the issue at hand and would like to submit a formal grievance, include detailed information in your report so your complaint can be directed to the proper university officials
  • Do not use the Student Grievance Report if you are experiencing personal grief due to a loss. If you need assistance with an absence verification due to grief of some kind, please review the information related to the Absence Verification process

If you would like guidance regarding a grievance or concern or are unsure if submitting a Student Grievance Report is the right avenue to voice your specific concern, please contact the Office of Student Assistance and Support Services at 704-687-0289 to speak with a staff member.

If you would like to submit a grievance, please complete the Student Grievance Report.