Research Funding Resources

Proposal Development

Contact your regular proposal development person to get upcoming proposal deadlines on their radar, for assistance with budget /proposal development, and submission (don’t forget Policy 20.2, i.e. the 10/5/2 timelines).

For assistance, please contact:

  • Stacy Leotta, Center for Research Excellence (CEE, ECE and EPIC)
  • Jordan Rizzo, Office of Research Services (ETCM, ISE and MEES)

Award Management

  • Please see your departmental contact (listed below) for purchase orders, student eGAs, SEA, travel, etc.
  • For the more nuanced award spending questions and fund updates, please contact the following in the Office of Research Services (ORS):

If Nataly or Kim are at capacity your query may be diverted to another member of the post award team within ORS. The ticketing system will enable you to track the status of your query.

Departmental contacts for spending on grants:

CEE – Tanner Goodman
ECE – Natalie Morales-Gonzalez 
EPIC – Lori Brown
ETCM – Michael Cohen
ISE – Joan Lemcke
MEES – Tracy Dixon
CPM – Jennifer Chastain
BATT CAVE – Amanda Boyea
College Level – Tanner Goodman

Proposals Submitted FY23
Awards Received FY23
Awards Dollars FY23