First-Year Experience

All first-year W.S. Lee College of Engineering students are advised in the Office of Student Development and Success until they complete the first-year curriculum and are moved to their academic department. Academic Advisors are available to meet with students during office hours and by appointment.




Freshmen will take at least one of the following four courses:

This course is required for all Engineering Freshman Learning Community (FLC) residents. The FLC has three goals: build community with students, faculty, and engineering professionals; learn about the engineering disciplines; and learn how to be a successful engineering student. The FLC hosts a variety of academic and professional development experiences through workshops, site visits, and other activities. 

Registration in the seminar course ensures students have a common day and time reserved in their schedule to participate in these activities.

For: Any first-year Engineering Technology and Construction Management majors who do not place into College Algebra or a higher-level math course, and any first-year Engineering major who does not place into Calculus I or a higher-level math course.

  • Explore all the engineering disciplines offered at UNC Charlotte, learn about career opportunities, and critically analyze your career goals. 
  • Get a sneak peek at the academic and professional skills that you’ll acquire as an engineering student, then dive right into learning engineering design skills that you’ll use through your senior year.
  • Learn about campus resources, college culture, and student and professional organizations.
Introduction Courses
  • Explore the various disciplines within the fields of engineering and engineering technology & construction management. 
  • Begin to learn what it means to be a "professional."
  • Learn to demonstrate creative problem-solving and design skills by building your solutions and testing them against specifications.
  • Use the power and synergy of teams to accomplish challenging goals and objectives.
  • Effectively communicate your thoughts and sell your ideas to others, both in writing and orally.
  • Develop strategies for personal, academic and professional growth and success.
For: Any engineering majors who place into Calculus I or a higher-level math course will enroll in ENGR 1201 in their first semester, and non-engineering students wanting to change to one of these majors. 
For: First-year engineering technology, construction management and fire safety students, and non-engineering students wanting to change to one of these majors.