Math Placement

Process for Placement in the First Mathematics Course

First Semester Mathematics Course by Major

MajorCourse #Course Name
Fire and Safety Engineering Technology: Fire Safety ConcentrationMATH 1101College Algebra with Workshop
Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering TechnologyMATH 1103Pre-Calculus
Construction ManagementMATH 1103Pre-Calculus
Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, and Systems EngineeringMATH 1241Calculus I

Math Level Placement based on SAT or ACT Math Score

New first-year students who do not have a math SAT score, math ACT score or math transfer credit, or who wish to improve their math placement, please visit the Math Placement Testing page for more details.

SAT MathACT MathALEKS PPL ScoreMath Level (ML)PlacementCourse
< 510< 180 – 451MATH 1101College Algebra with Workshop
510 – 56018 – 2246 – 602MATH 1101College Algebra with Workshop
570 – 62023 – 2561 – 753MATH 1103Pre-Calculus
630 – 80026 – 3676 – 1004MATH 1241
MATH 1121
Calculus I
Calculus for Engineering Technology

Students with AP or transfer math credit will be placed in their first mathematics course based on the class level of the credit received at the time of New Student Orientation.1 If students do not have AP or math transfer credit, the math SAT score or math ACT equivalent (whichever is higher) will be used to place students in their first mathematics course.

Transfer students should visit the Transfer Students site for comprehensive details specific to each College of Engineering major.

1 Students must contact their major advisor when their AP or college transfer credit is available on their UNC Charlotte transcript. The advisor will assist them in revising their course schedule.